Nebula (Bare Essentials Remix)

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To enter:

1. Make your song with the stems that you can download from here:

2. Make a tutorial explaining how you made your favourite synth sound in the remix. If you're making a video tutorial, try one of the following pieces of free screen capture software:

Camtasia Free Trial:

Other screen capture software: ... tility.htm ... ture-tools

3. Upload your song to the Boyinaband Soundcloud Drop Box:

4. Head over to the boyinaband forum and embed both the song you uploaded to soundcloud and the tutorial (video or text, it's your choice) into a new topic in the "Nebula Remix Composition Competition" section.

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The deadline is BEFORE June 1st.

Have Fun!

Nebula (Bare Essentials Remix)

Postby pyahoo » Fri May 27, 2011 10:18 pm

This is my second (and probably last ;)) remix of the song. Again I didn't want to/know how to make a dubstep-or-similar version ;) Sorry it's so short- inspiration seems to always abandon me after 1 a.m haha. Also there's no tutorial for this one as I didn't use any fancy instruments, so I'ts most likely going to be disregarded in the competition anyways. Nevertheless here it is. Hope someone enjoys it. I do ;) Cheers!
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Re: Nebula (Bare Essentials Remix)

Postby Skaul » Sat May 28, 2011 12:03 am

Hahaha! Nice! I had a very similar idea to this when I first heard about the competition :D
Sounds nice.
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